Global markets, global customer base, international business relationships and international competition – all of these are challenges you as a business owner and your team of employees have to face every day.
Your long term success depends on your ability to rise to those challenges and adapt your strategy accordingly.

With our market knowledge, competence and more than 15 years of international experience we will assist, guide and support you and your team by providing highly-qualified Interim Managers or by working with you on a consultancy basis.

Our focus is predominantly in Sales and all related scopes including Sales Strategies, Sales Organisations and establishing and expanding your network of Sales Partners internationally.

Our expertise

  • International expertise
  • Intercultural links and cooperation
  • International business
  • Professional Experience in practice
  • Strategic Re-alignment
  • Promise to customers
  • Defining new target markets
  • Market presence


  • Market research
  • Multibrand Strategy
  • Marketing solutions
  • Customer Care
  • Customer acquisition
  • Training and Education
  • Communication
  • Coaching


  • Advice
  • Recognise of / and use of potentials
  • Results
  • Solutions
  • Teamwork
  • Crisis management
  • Change management